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How to Stop WhatsApp From Giving your Phone Number to Facebook

    In this article we have written the         method by which you can easily stop WhatsApp from giving your number to Facebook,

just read it to know more about it.

In the recent WhatsApp update, there has been a new policy or you can say function added by which the WhatsApp now shares your given contact details i.e phone number with your Facebook account.

This hence adds up the flexibility on Facebook to find up the right suggestions for the users and also tends to show up the right ads on your WhatsApp and Facebook based on your location and details of the contact. This tie-up of theWhatsApp with the Facebook has been done just to provide more great ads experience where the ads will be shownaccordingly to the nearby places and hotspots etc.

But for some reason you might not be wanting to share up your WhatsApp phone number to the Facebook and might also want to keep it private too, hence you will not like this feature of contact sharing in WhatsApp and want to let it removed orstopped.

*How to Stop WhatsApp From Giving your Phone Number to Facebook *

The method is quite simple and easy and you just need to follow simple step by step guide below to proceed

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Android Steps to Stop WhatsApp From Giving your Phone Number to Facebook:

1. First of all, open up the WhatsApp on your device and then follow the next step according to the platform of your device i.e Android, iOS etc.

2.On Android, tap on the Action overflow button that is placed at the upper right corner of the screen and from there go to the Settings through the option, on iOS tap on the Settings tab that is placed on the lower right corner of the screen.

3.Now on both Android and iOS, this step will be same, you just have to find up the Account option on these different interfaces and then tap on it. This option lets you change the information regarding your account andit’s various other aspects.


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